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Initial Visit/Acupuncture

90 minutes

Your first visit includes a review of health history, current health concerns, inspection of tongue and pulse, and an acupuncture treatment. With needles in place, you will rest for approximately 30 minutes.


Return Visit

60 minutes

For the return visits, your practitioner will review health concerns and progress. She will observe your tongue, take your pulse and provide an acupuncture treatment.


Initial Consultation/Telehealth

60 minutes

In this session, your practitioner completes a full health history and gains an understanding of your current health concern(s). Your practitioner follows up with a treatment plan that will likely include nutrition and lifestyle suggestions and potentially supplement and herb recommendations.



30 minutes

Your practitioner will review current health concerns, noting changes and your progress. Additionally, they will likely advise on herbs, supplements, nutrition and lifestyle adjustments.


Breech Presentations Initial

90 minutes

This is essentially an Initial Visit (as above) but with the specific intention of turning a breech baby to vertex position. Ideally, this treatment is performed between 34 – 38 weeks, but it may be performed later in pregnancy if need be. This treatment utilizes both acupuncture and moxibustion.


Breech Presentations Return

90 minutes

During this return visit, your practitioner will review current health concerns and progress. As with the Breech Presentation Initial, both acupuncture and moxibustion will be utilized.


Labor Support Initial

(Post-Dates Pregnancy)

90 minutes

This visit is essentially an Initial (as above), however, the goal is to support a woman's normal progression into labor.  This is for pregnant women who are either past their due-date or, for medical reasons, are set to be medically induced. The treatment is often a combination of acupuncture and massage. 

Of special note: In our experience, when we are working with women throughout their pregnancies, or at least 35 weeks and beyond, women are more likely to go into labor naturally.


Mother Roasting
(Post-partum treatment)

90 minutes

Our Mother Roasting treatment is ideally performed one to four weeks postpartum, although it can be performed later. Your practitioner will inquire about labor, delivery and postpartum health. The treatment will be a combination of acupuncture and moxibustion. Moms love this special and ancient treatment!


Pre & Post IUI/IVF Transfer
@ R&B

60 minutes x 2

Our office will work with you to find two appointments on the same day – one preceding and one following your IVF transfer procedure. 


We offer a number of services at our clinic, including:

Cancellation Policy

Appointments must be cancelled at least 48 hours prior to your appointment time.  Late cancellations are charged as a return visit, unless it is an initial consultation which incurs a $50 charge. However if we can reschedule your appointment within the same business week, no charge would apply.


Please understand, we would much rather see and treat you than collect any cancellation fee.

Thank you for understanding our need to make sustainable choices for our small, but busy practice. 

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