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Acupuncture for Postpartum

Mothers often say that their bodies were “never the same” after childbirth.  They mention health issues such as back pain, hair loss, low libido, and weight gain.  In traditional Chinese medicine, there is a logical reason for such complaints: their bodies were not properly nourished postpartum. Childbirth, while beautiful, is extremely taxing to our qi, blood and vital essence. In truth, the postpartum period is as important to a new mother’s health, as all previous months with child.

Acupuncture treatments, herbal supplementation and Mother Roasting can help support her body to rebound and rebuild.


Our Mother Roasting treatment is performed 1 - 6 weeks postpartum. We use moxibustion, a technique in which a stick of burning mugwort is moved over the body, to warm, nourish, and reenergize the body.

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