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Alleviating Muscle Tension

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

woman rubbing achy shoulder

Many of you are struggling with tightness of the neck, shoulders and lower back. Understandably! With Shelter-in-Place and social distancing, it’s difficult to stay as active as our bodies need. This leads to “stuck qi”, a result of sitting for long periods and often in less than ideal postures.  How many of you are using a dining room chair or couch as your at-home workspace?

Below are a collection of stretches that we encourage you to employ throughout your day, to help lengthen and alleviate tense muscles in the neck, shoulders and low back.  Neck series: I love this entire set of stretches. Take small breaks throughout the day to do these interchangeable – there are 6 total to this series. Thread the needle: This is a great stretch to lengthen the muscles of the upper back and shoulders. To watch a tutorial on how to get into the position with several variations, click here

Reclining Spinal Twist: This is a beautiful stretch to release the lower back. Assisted child’s pose Watch this video to deepen the stretch, lengthen the vertebra and elongate the spinal muscles with a partner!

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