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COVID-19: How Have We Prepared & What You Need To Know

With joy, we have reopened our clinic. Given the realities of Covid 19, we have put additional, disinfection and precautionary measures into place. Without a doubt, you will notice some changes to your clinic experience, but the heart and soul of our work has remained unchanged.

While we trust that we have a low volume, low-risk clinic, with excellent precautionary measures in place, at this time, there is an implicit risk with any outing. If you are immunocompromised, telehealth medicine appointments are the safest option.

In an effort to guide you through your “new” clinic experience, we’re outlining the following:


1.  24 hours before your visit, our calendaring software, Jane, will send you a very brief list of screening questions.  Upon submitting this online form, your answers will be visible to us.  If none of the Covid-screening questions are answered affirmatively, you will continue to your appointment.  If any of your responses implicate potential infection, we will transition you to a telehealth appointment for the same time slot and, importantly, guide and support you in receiving proper testing, care and treatment, if necessary.

2.  When you arrive at your in-clinic appointment, either our front office manager, or, if necessary, your practitioner, will reiterate the list of screener questions and take both your temperature (via touchless, infrared thermometer) and your blood oxygenation (via pulse oximeter). Provided both diagnostics are negative, you will then be directed to your room.

For your visit

3. Please arrive at your appointment time. Your punctuality is sincerely appreciated (both while entering and exiting) in order to maintain proper social distancing and physical distancing.

4. Your appointment is just for you – no additional guests may accompany you at this time.

5. At our entrance, please use the hand sanitizer located in the foyer.

6. For the time being, we have removed books, magazines and the tea bar.

7. Everyone (clients, staff and practitioners) will be required to wear masks at all times. Please bring your own, however we will have surgical masks on hand, if need be.

8. We ask that you please wear loose-fitting clothing so that you can easily expose arms, legs and/or stomach to limit the need to get more undressed. While we still have one heat lamp per room, if you tend to get cold, we strongly advise bringing your own blanket or additional, warm sheet from home.

9. Please adhere to signage regarding social distancing. The waiting room and reception area should be used minimally and only when necessary.

10. Payment is always best with the credit card we have for you in our encrypted system. If you must pay by check, please be sure to have it filled out and ready at reception. If possible, we would prefer not to take any cash at this time.

Additional Precautions

11.  As mentioned, we are spacing visits to allow additional time between room use. With this time, rooms will be disinfected with a non-toxic, odorless, EPA-approved disinfectant. Beds are outfitted with 3 vinyl pillows and covered by a sheet which is changed after each visit. “High-touch” surfaces will also be cleaned with aforementioned cleaner or 70% isopropyl alcohol.

12. We’re using high-quality, carbon HEPA filters to actively clean the air in every treatment room and waiting area.

13. When weather is agreeable, we’ll also be keeping our back, French doors open to keep the fresh air circulating.

14. For harder to clean, upholstered surfaces, we’ll be using an ultraviolet wand.

15. Throughout the day, we will be diffusing essential oils for their immune enhancing and anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal qualities.

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